I have been teaching in an urban setting for 20 years.  I would like to be able to tell you that my mission has always been to put children first.  That, however, would not be the truth.  In the early days of my career, my mission was to survive.  Teaching in an urban setting offers challenges that I was not prepared for.  The goal for my first year as a classroom teacher was to just last the year.  I was bound and determined to make it through, then pack my bags and go home. Well, I did make it through, and I did not pack my bags.  Now, I can proudly say that my mission does put my students first. My mission is to give students every advantage that I can.  

It is my belief that our students gain the upper hand when they have the ability to comfortably use Standard English as a tool.  My mission is to give students that tool along with the skills they need to use it. 

In August, I received word that I was chosen as a recipient of a Dell Microgrant.  I will use this grant to create a video which will illustrate how Dot works in the classroom.  Keep checking in...... I will post it as soon as it is complete!